​​​New Special Needs Offering 

St. David’s Episcopal Day School is developing a class for kindergarten age children with special needs. It has come to our attention that a real need for children who are on the autism spectrum or have other learning or developmental delays could benefit from a program. This class is being offered with the hope that each child will soon be able to integrate into typical learning situations provided by a traditional school setting.  

Our goal is to provide the students ages 5 to 8 years an opportunity to:
make friends through social interactions
learn in group settings
be taught by a certified teacher using state standards
advocate for themselves in a loving, nurturing, empowering environment

This class is specifically a half day program with flexibility in the number of days attending.
Each student will need to be accompanied by his or her therapist.

We wish to provide parents the peace of mind that that comes of knowing a child is loved and nurtured by people who truly care, and want the best outcome for their child’s success. 

For more information please enter your contact information below. Jennifer Wheatley, Director of St. David’s Day School will contact you with more information.​

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