​​​​​St. David's Episcopal Day School

​​301 E 8th St. 
Austin, TX

Friday Fun Day

Class hours are 9am -2pm.

​​$50/ $150 

Per Friday day drop in / per month for ages 2 and up


$570 per month

Available to all classes with the exception of Kinder/1st grade classes. 9am - 1pm

Half Day

St. David's Episcopal Day School offers many choices to fit the needs of our families at an affordable cost. Class hours are 9:00 am -1:00 pm.  All prices are per month.

Additional Fees

Registration Fee

$50 one time fee

Materials Fee


This is a one time fee for classroom materials.  This is due with first month's tuition.  


$285 per month

Choose between M/W OR T/TH.  9a-1pm and not available for Montessori

Early Drop Off

Class hours are 8am - 8:45 pm.

​​$10 per or $45 2 days or $90 4 days

This is available to all students per morning drop in 2 day / 4 day


Class hours are 1:15 am -2:00 pm.

​​$10/ $45/ $90

​Available for all students per day drop in/ 2 day/ 4 day